Sunday, March 29, 2015

Is PTSD a Physical or Mental Illness?

From time to time, I run into a doctor or someone else who asks the question, is PTSD a mental illness? Or, a physical illness? I try to look at it as a holistic health problem. Why?

One reason is the symptoms that many people struggle with:

anal pain
lucid dreams
adrenalin surges

These are both physical and mental. Then again, not all but many doctors tend to have "tunnel vision" when dealing with certain problems. Fit it into a nice neat box. Then a prescription. Move onto the next patient.
I'm not saying all doctors are evil, nasty and only care about money. But I have had a lot of bad experiences when doctors wouldn't listen to my concerns. Especially about medications.

A doctor asks you about your history. You try to explain, and you're telling the truth. Despite that, the doctor puts you into a catagory and gives you meds. Sorry, but I'm not a case file. Why spend your limited time with  a doctor arguing and not going thru all possible treatment solutions? Nobody needs that.

Thanks for the ongoing support.

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