Sunday, January 3, 2010

When in Doubt, Outsource it!

Almost time for lunch. Then, more snow to deal with. Here, we've had at least 8 inches. How much more today? We'll see.

How are your symptoms? It's still a battle to focus when you wake up to really wake up. One trick: massage your ears as you try to focus. In meredians throughout your body, the ears are centers of chi. Despite that, you can still have to scream to focus.

Do you still get bombarded with flashbacks? It feels like every asshole that treated you like shit is trying to beat you down. Which means you have to fight your way out. You know it's not your fault that you got raped. How then do you also deal with this feeling of having to fight your way out? And, to not get eaten alive by the anger from NOBODY paying attention.

In this global economic meltdown (depression), lots of people still have the usual pull-yourself-up-by-your-(fill in the blank) and get on with it. Nobody has time to listen to your complaining. Do you see me bitching about everything? No. Why then should I listen to you?

What do you do here? The best thing we've found is to just blow them off. You're not responsible for what others say and do. Sounds basic, but it's true.

Also, you have to fight back to try and keep a sense of balance. Any tips on what helps you these days to do that?

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