Monday, January 18, 2010

Keeping Your Balance?

Taking it very easy tonight after a long day of packing. Symptoms still happen. But the holistic diet, Tai-chi and meditation do help some.

When you wake up, does dissociating hit you? Do you have lucid dreams? How do you fight back and then regain your balance? One thing that helps us as well is setting boundaries. If something is second nature but it doesn't really help, why do it?

Example: email. Unless you're a CEO, public service worker or in the CIA, do you really have to check your email every ten minutes? Look at Al Gore. Has his life improved by checking his mail 6 times an hour? That's 144 times a day. Unless of course his personal assistant does it for him. Which means this paragraph is totally pointless.

Maybe not. What's a common theme for trauma survivors? Controlling 24 hour stimulus. If you can, why not outsource stuff like this? If someone is professional, can do the job and has a high English level overall, why not do it? If they deal with your email and other things as well, this gives you more time to do other things. Which could then mean you make more money doing what you really want to do? And, you have some control over being bombarded with triggers all day long.

The point is this. This stuff is available for a reasonable fee. So if Al Gore does it, why the hell shouldn't you? Will you win a Nobel Prize if you do? If you do, we'll take the standard 10%.

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