Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Into the New Place

Greetings from the new apt! It's very cool all around. Nice location, right in the middle of everything. Which means you could walk to 5 stores on a nice day on the same street. Eat lunch and be home in about 15 min. Can you do THAT in L.A.?

Still unpacking as we deal with other stuff (a new mobile number, mail and more). And it really feels good to be back in a bigger place. Driving down was rough though. Lots of horrible symptoms. Try to not black out when you're driving at 70 miles an hour and screaming from flashbacks. Then, start again the next day and more of the same.

Now though there's a little more focus. But we're really fighting hard to maintain that. And, if we don't hear from him soon, we're going to have to switch therapists.

More as it happens.

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