Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's a Global Thing

Greetings to our expanding global audience. Especially to the new people in the Middle East.

Almost done with packing. Then Saturday we're off to the new location. Nice apt. and more of everything.

Symptoms are still hitting hard at times. At times we're running around touching everything solid that we can to try and stay grounded. Other things include the diet, tai-chi, meditation. And just taking breaks when needed.

Does this work for you? Or, despite all of that, do you still have crippling terror? You know you're there. But, you feel empty.

We're still sticking to censoring everything necessary to help stay grounded. Do you have the feeling that you're about 6 steps ahead of the rest of the world? Someone says something and you feel like, I knew this three months ago. You're just learning this NOW?

If something is a reflex action and you're not sure about it, stop and say why are we doing this? My multiples, little kid and I talk as much as possible. Is there one thing that's causing all of the trauma to keep flooding out? No. it's just everything is coming out. And at times you feel like you're going to snap.

We still take a knife with us when we go out in our bag (unless we're going to a high-security place). Because lucid dreams happen and you have to protect yourself. It doesn't matter that it's a dream. You have to fight back.

As for online security, here's the best thing to keep in mind. When you set up a site, blog or lots of email, mix it up as much as possible. In every step, try to never leave an obvious trail. Just use the right tools to help keep everything straight and you can do it.

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