Thursday, January 7, 2010

Still Going Strong

A busy Thursday. We'll find out about the new apt. (hopefully be the end of today). Dissociating is still tough to handle. It's like you have to constantly fight to focus. Then at times you just stop and walk away for a while.

Does it seem like triggers are getting worse? Ever get the feeling that you're about six steps ahead of everybody else? Should we prosecute these people for tax fraud? No. Just jail the whistleblower. Obama says we don't torture. But actually we do. We just outsource it whenever possible. (It's a global economy?).

Which means you just stay away as much as possible. Deal with what you can. And above all, protection comes first.

Despair is still crippling at times. We're not suicidal or going to go back to using again. However, you have to at times really focus (especially when you feel like an empty shell). Our therapist still says that's a common theme for trauma survivors.

Does this still happen to you? You exist, yet you feel like there's literally nothing there. How then do you cope with having to fight back to not fall apart? And do everything else?

Time to go shovel snow. Post a comment or email to ptsdsurvival at

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