Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Protection Comes First

Happy Tuesday. Going ok?

Here, we're really trying to keep things a step at a time. This also means protecting yourself and setting boundaries.

Can you politely walk away from something and NOT explain? Yes you can. Another part of coping right now is compartmentalizing. Set it aside and deal with something in sections.

The therapist is trying to give us a referral in our new location. If no luck with that, then we'll keep going with him via email or phone sessions. Also, we have a good list of other sources that we can use if necessary. If you don't have it, what's the best online calling to use?

We've had really good luck with Skype. In the States and Canada, unlimited calls for about $3 a month. Overseas calling to landlines for about $12. Can YOUR local VOIP service do that?

Feel free to post a comment. Or email to ptsdsurvival at gmail.com.

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