Monday, January 18, 2010

So Many Choices

What size moving boxes do we need? What do we eat for lunch? Lots of choices.

But, let's take a break from the symptoms and fighting getting beaten down all day. A friend (who shall remain nameless until she gets rich from the royalty checks) came up with a great idea:

In a store, you usually have one or two different sized bags. But in this global economy of millions of choices, why stop there? That's just so retro.

With that in mind, imagine shopping and dealing with this selection:

The basic large bag that can hold almost everything you can imagine.
The almost large bag that's a slightly toned down version of the above.
The mid-size yet stylish bag that says I shop HERE, damnit!
The more expensive mid-siz bag that says it all.
The smaller bag for the enviromentally-conscious-yet-stylish.
The smaller bag specially engineered in a secret lab in Switzerland by a corporation that was recently bought out by a Japanese conglomerate that will soon own the world.
And then, the bag that says this is mine. If you touch it I'll kill you.

This could be a whole new niche. A global industry waiting to happen. You heard it here first.

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