Monday, January 11, 2010

Global Thoughts

Greetings and welcome to our growing global audience. Usually, we'd say thanks and send you a free gift. But yes it's economy. So that will have to wait.

Speaking of the economy, Obama still hasn't called about us fixing it. If we did, we're thinking the standard 10% commission would be fair. 10% of the national debt here is about $100 billion. If the bankers can get millions, we can too. For actually doing work.

How's your focus right now? Everywhere you look it's really horrible triggers. At times we just turn everything off because, do we really need to see all of that recycled 24 hours a day? And besides, a lot of the REALLY IMPORTANT stories aren't being touched. So then you create your own channels to get the word out.

How is trauma treated in your part of the world? Is PTSD taken seriously? In general terms, Europe and many parts of Asia are ahead of the States (in dealing with health care, more open about sexuality, etc.).

Despite that, when was the last time you saw a guy rape survivor on TV? In our experience, unfortunately it's still manipulated (for profit and ratings). The MSM can tell you this IS a business, by the way. Which is true.

Yet, how would they feel if someone told them essentially to piss off because you don't exist? UNLESS we choose to admit that you're there. How would you deal with that?

For us, part of it is to just set that aside. And work on maintaining your balance.

Any suggestions on how to maintain yours? Post a comment or email to ptsdsurvival at

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