Saturday, January 9, 2010

Let's Try This

Listening online to lots of podcasts and more as we work online. And we just came across an interesting idea re: health care (and trauma too).

What if everyone who's having trouble getting health coverage and dealing with traditional doctors said, hang on a minute. If this doesn't work, what if all of us went to holistic treatment instead? What would the giant insurance companies do then?

Now, the bad part. Many holistic doctors are more expensive in some areas. Many say to hell with your health coverage. Then again, if everyone left them, then that's no longer an excuse.

As we write this, our current health coverage doesn't know that we have PTSD (from being repeatedly raped. Which to some health coverage plans is a "pre-existing condition". They won't pay for rape testing kits, HIV/AIDS tests, etc.). At the end of this month we opt out of that for new coverage (not set up yet).

If this new coverage found out about this, we could be denied. In 2010. Because of something that we didn't ask for. Yet, it's not our problem. It's a "pre-existing condition". So it's YOUR problem.

Step at a time....

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