Friday, April 22, 2011

Screen everything

Everywhere you look, it's more triggering stuff that we can't mention here without depressing everybody. What's the answer?

First, protect yourself at all costs. Screen everything. If you don't have to see/watch/read/listen to something, don't. Save time and money. Have more time to do other fun stuff. Lately we've been catching ourselves looking at something online that has been almost second nature. Now it's why are looking at this? Our Evil ISP has bandwidth caps in place. Do we really want to waste that on THIS?

We're also fighting dissociating non-stop. What's the underlying cause? We're not sure. But it's exhausting along with all the other stuff we have to do. Do you still have to fight this?

Trust your intuition. Tip for the day: lay off chemicals as much as possible in your diet and you'll have better intuition. Think of yourself as a radio station trying to pick up signals. Less interfearence means better reception.

Use your online tools as creatively as you can.

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