Sunday, April 24, 2011

Change Where Necessary (contains potentially triggering material. Read at your own risk).

Working online tonight with commercial free radio on (the only way to work). We've had more than enough triggering stuff for one day. You do what you have to to protect yourself.

Maybe in a sense it's like first going sober. Now, you have to make choices about many things/people/places that have been second nature. Do you continue with triggering stuff, or not? This can mean building up a whole new network of sources that you trust. We feel like we're having to do more of that at the moment. Because, what's more valuable? Your balance or what somebody else says? This can also help you to pick your battles more effectively on various issues that are important to you.

In our view, think of mind and body as being one thing. If you agree, then triggering stuff can have multiple effects on you. Does this mean that medication is the only way to treat something? While we're not anti-meds, maybe its's not. Consider alternatives that could possibly be more helpful.

At times, we're enjoying the peace and quiet. We're still working on new sources that aren't a threat. That's ok. We have time....

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