Saturday, April 30, 2011

An Early Happy May Day and other stuff

Taking a break for a second from the daily battle against symptoms, an early Happy May Day to all the working masses worldwide. If you're fortunate enough to be really rich, good for you. Also, if you feel like sharing some of your success, you know where to find us.

We still have to screen everything. At times triggering stuff comes out of nowhere, and it's hard to find your balance again. We're also sticking to taking things in tiny sugements. This can at times mean 30 second blocks, but you do what you have to.

My multiples and little kid see to agree that it's more trauma flooding out. It's rough when you feel like the rest of the world could care less. Not everybody's like that. However, mnny have been and continue to be. That's why outside of this blog, we almost never talk about trauma because what's the point? This means that short of a new therapist we do the best we can with other sources.

We still keep a weapon in the room we're in or in our bag when we go out. Not always, but at times we just feel better to know that it's there. Does this fear ever go away? We don't know. Then again, it doesn't matter in the sense you have to protect yourself.

Thanks for the support. We'll stick to our no-ads policy here. In return, we only ask that you link us everywhere you can to LEGITIMATE sources. Please, no Russian Mafia-buy-gold-we-think-Obama-sucks garbage sites. Nobody needs that.

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