Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Screen everything

Putting in lots of time online to cover bases with job hunting and other things as well. Normally we don't talk a lot about online security. But today let's do it.

Obviously have up to date security software for viruses and malware. Don't leave any obvious clues online that can be connected and then used to out you. If you don't know where something comes from, don't open it.

Now, maybe the most important point. Can anything be hacked? Yes it can. It depends on your code writing skill, your objective, how creative you are and your timeframe. Security software databases only go so far. Which means that hackers are always slightly ahead of the curve.

This doesn't mean you can't protect yourself. Does this mean constantly scan your hard drive? We scan ours once a day and that seems to work ok. If you want suggestions on packages to use, post a comment.

We still scream and fight to not black out.

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