Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Keep Your Balance

The snacks today? Peanut butter, chocolate chip cookies and flackseed. Some sugar but also it helps your seratonin level, insulin and other things all at once.

Lots of bases to cover in finding the new jobs and having backups. Just in case, if the jobs aren't here, where do we go next? We're not sure. We're just making sure that we do have a set option to go to if necessary. It's too much to do 50 things in one month. We've been through that many times overseas and it doesn't work.

Our suggestion? Screen everything. Especially anything that has to do with the economy or other world stuff that's happening. If we don't, we still have nightmares. Sometimes triggers happen during the day and it's scary to try and get our focus back.

We can't afford to go back to a therapist at the moment. So it's do the next best thing for now.

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