Monday, April 11, 2011

Options Mean Power

How's it looking so far? Welcome to our expanding global audience:
Syosset, N.Y.
Santa Fe

All of our content here is for free. In exchange, we only ask that you link us everywhere you can. Please, no spam links (buy gold now, Ukrainian Mafia, real terrorists and so on).

Lots of triggering stuff everywhere you look. Despite that, we're trying to keep our balance and create as many options as possible. One possibility is going back abroad. We know that there are many places in the world that you can go and be quite happy. It's just a matter of setting it up and then dealing with immigration and the other bureaucracy.

As for symptoms, body memory still happens. Not the psychos that raped us pinning us down. But anal pain and pain in other parts of the body.

Another part of it is despair. No one ever listening or actually being there (despite all the empty "I care about you" soundbites that they put out). At times, we're still not sure about how to deal with that.

Tiny segments at a time....

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