Thursday, April 14, 2011

How's Your Focus?

Lots of water today seems to help our focus somewhat. We still have to screen everything. But, some stuff needs to be looked at.

Some poeple wonder if PTSD ever goes away. Is it a "mental illness" or an emotional condition? We think of it as an emotional problem. At times we see, read or hear others talking about this or rape survivors in general. Some people and/or media outlets only talk about guy survivors if they can get ratings or profit out of it. Can we get them to get it together and do their job? Probably not. Instead, we say, if you won't do your job then you won't get our time/attention/money.

We still have to fight to focus. At the end of the day we're usually wiped out. Then again, you have to fight back. If you have a better idea, please post a comment.

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