Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Worldwide Pressure

How are you coping with the holiday stuff? For some, there's no snow to worry about. No ice to scrape off your car. For others, just how long will I be stuck in this %^$% airport?

In all of those, how do you cope with managing your symptoms? A person in Toronto (who's a cancer survivor) told me a good point. It's like being in remission. At times you have good days. And then you have horrible ones.

This can help in some ways. However, for us we don't want this hanging over our head forever.

One helpful thing is to have something solid to hold onto. You're focusing on that (along other ways to ground yourself like deep breathing, staying off caffeine, and others).

Feel free to add other ideas. Post here or email to ptsdsurvival at gmail.com.

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