Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holiday Stuff

Sating in tonight and catching up on email, presents and food :).

What helps to keep your stress down right now? For us, my multiples, little kid and I talk as much as possible. This has helped in many ways. But despite that, we're still getting hit with flashbacks and horrible dissociating.

Do you have times when you just curl up in the corner because the world is beating down on you? Maybe for us the worst part of it is this. NOBODY is going to help you. they may have a million different reasons why. That still doesn't take away that terror of nobody helping you. To deal with something horrible that you didn't ask for.

We compartmentalize to cope. And, we take things in segments. In addition, you have to fight the urge to singlehandedly save every survivor. It would be nice to do it. However, you can't.

Which means it's protection comes first. And you work in channels where you can. The MSM doesn't want to pay attention. Fine. We'll make our own channel(s). And get the word out that way.

For our Stateside readers: heard from a source that another blizzard is on the way. Expect possibly 1 foot of snow (or more) by Wednesday.

And global warming has NOTHING to do with it.

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