Wednesday, December 30, 2009

From A to Z

Happy early New Year :). Have big plans? We're debating whether we should go out or not. In the past, we'd go into a club. And then ten minutes later we'd go home. You have to protect yourself.

We're still having lucid dreams in the middle of the night. Is it one of our multiples or my little kid screaming to be heard? We're not sure. We talk as much as possible. We trust each other. Earlier today, a therapist says maybe they will? We'll see what happens.

One minute there's some balance. The next, terror and fear hits hard. We still at times feel like everybody who ever treated us like s**t is trying to beat us down. Which means you have fight your way thru it all.

How do you cope with this despair? Some say dealing with trauma is like early sobriety. Eventually it does even out. Yet, how do you cope with the extremes when they happen?

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