Monday, December 28, 2009

Latenight Thoughts

Staying warm in your part of the world? Here, nice and warm and being nice to ourselves. One rule of thumb: stay away from midnight snacks. They ALWAYS lead to nightmares, lucid dreams and other horrible stuff.

How are your symptoms? We're still staying away from all triggers as much as possible. In the diet, B-12 twice a day seems to help some as well. The idea being that since you're fighting stress so much, megadosing on some vitamins and herbs is ok. Just do your research to be sure.

Another tip: ginsing in the morning instead of coffee. Caffeine depletes your chi (body energy). So if you have to have some, try no more than two cups a day. Actually, herbal tea throughout the day is all right. Then mix in some white tea for a little variety.

Listening to Radio France Intl. online. Let's see what Sarkozy is up to today.

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