Thursday, December 3, 2009

No Tiger Woods Posts Allowed

It is Thursday, right? But for those of who already into Friday, let us gently ease into it, ok?

How are your symptoms these days? Here, we're really trying to stay as healthy as possible. Tonight, a nice bottle of aloe and a few salt-free chips. For now, we're talking a break from the corporate-food-conglomerate-salt-fight. If they don't want to deal with it, that's their loss of our money. For Canadians, feel good that you're smart enough to stay away from high-salt foods. And the 72-oz. Mickey D's cups. That's one six pack in one cup. We tried to interest some people in a 96 oz. cup. But no luck. Which means no chance of breaking into the mainland Chinese market. Then again, do you really want 1 billion overweight Chinese? We don't think so.

How do you cope with severe swings in symptoms? One minute, there's some clarity. Then, violent symptoms. Everyone we trust says it's trauma flooding out. However, at times we curl up in a corner and rock back and forth because it feels like everyone's trying to beat us down. You compartmentalize it as best you can. But the fear still happens.

If Obama really thinks that no national health care is a national emergency, then why not us his Executive Order power to declare one and implement universal care? Set aside all the political spin and other rubbish. And look at it from a human decency angle.

10% of the population in the States has some form of PTSD. That's 30 million people.

How come this isn't a threat to the security of the States? Is it worse than terrorism? That's another post. However, it IS a threat to the security of the people. And Obama does have the power to implement this.

So frankly it's very disappointing to see stupid political crap endlessly taking up the daily 24 hour news cycle. And apparently most people think it's perfectly ok. To be fair, some are protesting and getting arrested in the process. But how much time do they get on-air? Maybe 20 seconds. How much time do Tiger Wood's "alleged" affairs get? In one week we've gotten over 200 emails on this. (NOTE: Do you really think he'd sue if we were the ONLY blog on the Net to say he had multiple affairs? You're rich enough as it is. Save the money on legal fees.).

It's beyond astounding that PTSD is just another political football to get people elected. Meanwhile, what about the survivors who could be denied "health coverage" because of something they have that they didn't ask for?

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