Monday, December 7, 2009

More to Come

Staying warm right now with our gluten free browni. Which maybe isn't a great idea before dinner. Then again, in this global economy anything can happen :).

How are you coping with symptoms? What helps you to keep a balanc (especially during the holidays)? For us, setting boundaries helps in some ways. Another is to pay attention to what you eat, drink and do. And when to stop and say, do we really need this?

Do you really need the large pizza, giant bag of Doritos and case of (fill in the blank)? Maybe not that much. This doesn't mean a spartan lifestyle. Instead, just a little more thought at times to why you're doing things.

Can this carry over into dealing with PTSD symptoms? Yes it can. Example: the feeling that the rest of the world could care less about you. You know that NOT everybody's like that. Yet, on those bad days how do you keep that perspective?

Compartmentalize. Take on sections of stuff and see how it goes. At night, my multiples, little kid and I have our meeting. The deal is I listen to them. But go as easy as possible.

The bottom line is balance and protecting yourself. That's rough at times to think about. But the truth is nobody else will do it. So what choice do you have?

Thanks for the support. The map in the upper left hand corner is NOT designed to give me your home address, mobile number and more. It's hopefully a cool way to see that there are others like us all over the place who find this site helpful.

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