Monday, December 7, 2009


Hope you're liking the new stuff here. But this means answering some FAQ's:

Email- Thanks for that. But keep in mind ANYTHING with attachments will be deleted. In addition, we're writing the address out (instead of an @ symbol) to stop the spiders, spammers and others from bombarding us.

Tracking- Unlike the CIA, NSA and other groups, we DO NOT keep a global database of names, IP addresses and more. We only use the map as a tool to show where the support comes from. And, everybody loves a cool map that's full.

Donations and ads- We will NEVER post Google Ads on this page. We have way too much respect for you to do that.

As for donations, right now thanks but no, we don't need them. This blog is totally free and hopefully will help a lot of people.

Copyright- All material on this blog is copyrighted by us and occasionally others. If we use a picture, etc. of yours and you want it taken down, please send a polite email. And we'll do it.

In return, if you want to quote something from here, please name us as the source. And, if possible link us where you can.

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