Saturday, December 19, 2009

Latenight Stuff

How's your weekend? Tonight, it's herbal tea and maybe a brownie or two. Your body can only take so much salsa and chips (crisps for the rest of the world)?

Anyway, today's been a rough day with anger and occasional flashbacks. You're in a crowded place and want to scream. Everywhere you look people are out to rape and kill you. Probably not. But all trauma survivors know you HAVE to protect yourself. Even if it's a lucid dream, you have to fight back. I've never met another survivor or reputable therapist who had another solution. Which means you go with what works.

How are you on setting boundaries? Is it possible to do that firmly with a smile on your face? Yes, it is. You fought bloody hard to get to this point of balance. Therefore, why mess it up?

Here's a useful grounding trick. Touch your fingers really fast back and forth (like you're warming up to do coin tricks). It does help to focus because it's like doing EMDR. And some people might be impressed by your skill. You might even get some gigs too.

If you do, you don't have to pay me 10%.

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