Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Can You Actually Make a Difference?

Just had an interesting talk with someone at my local health food store re: making a difference. Her point: can you actually do something global, not charge a lot for it. And help as many people as possible? Call it activist capitalism. (Hope she doesn't sue me for copyright violation).

The idea is this. Global capitalism in it's present form is essentially predatory. Unless the proper controls are put in place, people naturally will go for massive profit despite the "risk" that's staring them in the face.

Is it wrong to work hard and get rich from that? No. But since we live in a world of laws governing various behaviours, there have to be some controls in place. The problem with that is that many politicians who can implement these are in the pocket of the big corporations that oppose them. They say we get "campaign donations" from them. Actually, they're bribes.

Now, do you have to be Bill Gates, Bono or Bill Rodgers to do something like this? Sure, being rich already and a global celebrity does help. But what if you're neither of those?

You can. Why can you do it? Because the MSM won't consider something for a long time until it has "legs". Then suddenly it's "news" (when actually it's been news for a long time).

It's a matter of your "brand", the niche you're trying to fill. And the channels you use to get the word out.

How many billions of sites and blogs are online? Who knows. But the point is this. Quality content will stand out. Even if it's something taboo like talking about rape survivors, PTSD or other stuff.

Now we could charge you for the content here. Then maybe we could retire early and buy that beach house in the Bahamas. But that wouldn't be right. So we'll continue to keep this free.

In return, we ask that you help to get the word out. Consider it guerrilla marketing. If the MSM won't help you go elsewhere. Use other channels or create your own. Because if the content is helpful, the audience will show up.

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