Sunday, May 18, 2008

Is This Real Or Not?

NOTE: This blog contains explicit content and "triggers". These are potentially disturbing to trauma survivors. Some examples:

key phrases
music samples and more

These are only used to help get points across. If these bother you, stop reading now. If not, keep going. And please spread this blog onto everyone it might help.

It's a sunny day. And symptoms have actually gone down some for a change. The underlying fear is still there. But is this some relief for a change?

There's a 16 year old girl on You Tube and My Space who says she was raped when she was 15. Nobody's helped her, so she was forced to go public. I see this and two things come to mind.

If it's true, that's horrible that it happened. And that she has to out herself to get the proper help.

If it's a scam, it's the SICKEST s**t I've EVER seen. It's a huge insult to trauma survivors everywhere. All she wants is her 15 minutes of fame. Which will lead to interviews, talk shows, a book deal, modeling jobs, a reality show and even movies.

How f****d up is society in that case? A woman lies about rape and gets rewarded. Meanwhile, for others (both women and guys) who really were raped, nobody wants to be around them or just treat them like dirt.

If I posted a clip on You Tube, would CNN call me?

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