Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Time to Catch Up (Contains Really Strong Content)

How's your week? I'm really trying to post regularly. I hate it when you get nice a nice groove going with posts. And then suddenly nothing. We'll see how it goes.

Thanks for the comments. When you post, it's all anonymous. There's no master data base keeping track of you, no connections to secret CIA programs. None of that. We have enough stress to deal with.

Lately symptoms have been REALLY rough. It feels like all of the terror of being repeatedy raped is flooding out. Earlier today we almost blacked out because everything was hitting hard. Being pinned down, these sick assholes going down on you. Scream all you want, nobody cares. I'm gonna suck you dry and then cut you up into a million pieces. And other sick crap.

Finally we got some balance back and called a help line. We have about four that we can call if we need to. Now we can't watch TV, read books or just go out. EVERYTHING has to be screened. Otherwise, you dissociate for hours and feel like you're going to snap.

How do you cope with the feeling that the world says just piss off and go away? We try not to dwell on this. But we all have bad days.

What helps you to focus? We're finding that nutrition, Chinese herbs and juices help some. Any ideas????


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