Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sticking to It

Trying to stick to posting every day. Also, today I stocked up on green salsa for the chips. Am I addicted? We'll see....

EVERYTHING is raw right now. No TV, no news (unless it's a emergency), no tunes, nothing. Everything feels like a threat. Hyperawareness is really high. Which means we're doing everything we can to stay grounded.

Are you having stretches like this? If you are, what helps you to deal with it? Do you have the feeling that you're about right steps ahead of the world? Are you the ONLY one that sees what's going on? We know we're not. Still, at times you feel like all of the terror of being raped hits you at once. And where do you go to try and get your balance back?

My suggestion: stay away from all MSM. The politicians have NO CLUE about what's going on :).

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