Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Some Positive Changes

Went to get my potassium and try that out in the diet. We haven't seen any studies that definately prove that there's a diet-PTSD connection. Then again, there's practically a study to support anything. Is this ALL a corporate plot?

We're really trying to keep a balance. The tolerance for junk food is gone. As for triggers, one minute we feel like there's some balance. The next, we curl up in the corner and have to fight off all the assholes that treated us like shit. Or want to rape and then kill us.

At night, sometimes we keep a pair of scissors or a knife next to the bed just in case. A gun permit is out of the question because if we black out, it's too dangerous.

What sources for help do you use? We hope this helps. But also, have your found Stateside ones that are beneficial? For us, sometimes we use intl. help lines. They're are lots of them out there. You just have to check them out.

Thanks for the support. And please link this blog everywhere you can.

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