Thursday, September 10, 2009

Post #151

Obama's speech is over. And still there's no single payer. When will it happen? Place your bets.

As for us, we're staying away from this and all triggers as much as possible. Any sane person knows that universal care is a right and not a priveledge for the elite. And, if they won't pay attention to us, we will protect our health and stay away from it.

Do you have the feeling that you're about 7 steps ahead of everyone else? Like you're the ONLY person that really sees everything that's happening? We know we're not. Still, we have the feeling at times of what's the point? So, unless we absolutely have to, we stay away from regular TV, papers, many books and other things too. Everything has to be edited. Because we don't have a choice.

What about flashbacks and lucid dreams? How do you cope with those? Sometimes we take a knife with us just in case they happen. And we have to fight off the sick assholes that want to rape and kill us.

You have to protect yourself.

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