Wednesday, September 30, 2009

One Minute Some Clarity. Then Assaulted.

How's your evening (unless it's already October 1st). Along with celebrating the Chinese Revolution, it's also Be Nice to a Socialist Day. Hug a socialist. You'll feel better.

That being said, are your feeling some clarity these days? For us, sometimes there's a little. And then at other times all the terror of being raped comes flooing out. We curl up in a corner with a knife and have to fight off everybody that treated us like shit. Also, there are SO MANY TRIGGERS right now. Everywhere you look it's death, destruction, pedophiles that get off scot free, and more. We have to protect ourselves because we feel like we're picking up on all taruma survivor's pain. And it's too much to handle.

What do you do when nobody listens? Find some safe way to be heard (and not outed). If you're ready to risk being outed, that's your business. For us, that will only add lots of problems to the stress that we're dealing with now.

When fear hits, it's like getting assaulted with a billion images, noises and more. You feel like you're going to snap in two. And NOBODY's going to help you. How do you cope with that? And do everything else that you have to do?

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