Monday, September 14, 2009

How Much is Too Much?

Just finished the spicy dinner. And now it's back to the emails, applications and global networking. Still no email from Obama saying please help us fix the economy. If he DOES email, should I charge by the hour? Or go with an astronomical salary?

How are your symptoms right now? Every morning it's like you have to literally fight to wake up. Then finally you feel some sense of balance. We're still sober and off all meds. Especially now, which would you rather do? Spend $50 a month for herbs? Or $200 a month on meds?

Still have that feeling that you're about 5 steps ahead of the rest of the world? If we slip and watch a little TV we want to scream. It's like you're the only one that sees what's really going on. We know we're not. Yet, how do you cope when that feeling is almost suffocating?

Does your anger eat you alive? When adrenalin surges happen, one thing that sometimes helps is lots of massage. Maybe part of it is focusing on something else that helps your chi to re-balance? I'm not sure.

If we have to, we still take a knife with us. Lucid dreams and flashbacks still happen (usually at the worst times). And you have to protect yourself. What keeps you grounded?

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