Monday, September 21, 2009

The Role of Your Diet

How was your day? Here, it was fighting a lot of dissociating and almsot blacking out.

Now, it seems like there's a little bit of clarity. One reason? We haven't been able to find studies that talk about the role of diet in fighting PTSD symptoms. But in our case, we're really trying to stay away from salt and sugar as much as possible. Also, no gluten.

Go with that and then what? How do you re-think your diet? We just don't have the tolerance for junk food anymore like before. In the past we'd drink around 2,000 grams of sugar a day. We found a table on sugar/diet that says you should be around 45 grams a day.

Now, we're keeping it as low as possible. Does too much salt and sugar aggrevate dissociating and tremors? We'll keep trying this new diet and see how it goes.

How does this work for you? Feel free to comment.

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