Friday, September 25, 2009

Another Side of the MacKenzie Phillips Announcement

Just heard online that MacKenzie Phillips had a consensual sexual relationship with her dad. I don't know all of the details yet. And frankly I'm not sure I want to be bomabarded with 24/7 MSM triggers re: this.

But unfortunately, something needs to be said. I've never met her, and have no personal problems towards her at all. I admire her for her (and her half sister) speaking out about this.

On the other hand, right now they're celebs and I'm not. Which means that I have to use other outlets to get my message out.

How much do you wanna bet in all of this upcoming coverage about this, NOT ONCE is anybody going to talk about guy rape survivors? Because legally, if Phillip's dad started this when she was underage, that's rape, correct? But now (due to time running out in this case), odds are no prosecution will happen.

Now, what about boys that are raped by their dads? I was repeatedly raped (call it what it is) by one of my grandfathers who's now dead. My family disowned me a long time ago because s**t like this you just don't talk about. Alcoholism, incest, whatever the hell it is. We just don't do that. And any thoughts or feelings that you have about it are totally irrevelant.

Right now, Phillips is a celeb and I'm not.If I out myself, I could have lots of serious problems. Phillips (on the other hand) can do this. And odds are she'll go along just fine. Nobody's going to freak out over stupid stereotypes about PTSD and other things that trauma survivors have. I'm looking for a new job right now. If a potential boss found out about my PTSD, that could be a big problem.

Another angle. Would my health coveage drop me if they found out I have PTSD? Phillips is an actress and member of SAG (Screen Actors Guild). It's well known that SAG has one of the best union health coverage plans nationally. Will SAG cancel her policy because of PTSD (a "pre-existing" condition)? Probably not.

She's a trauma survivor. I'm a trauma survivor. I have some of the same problems that she does. Yet society will listen to her and tell me to piss off because a guy rape survivor is just too weird.

Where the hell's the justice in that?

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