Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Now Hopefully a Little More Energy

Sorry to be off for a while. But the past week or so has been really rough. I've had almost no energy at all. Is it because of the flu? My heart disease? My PTSD symptoms? A combination of everything hitting me at once? I'm not sure. I had one big thing to do yesterday. After that, come home and go to bed since then. Now, I can actually sit up and go back to doing things. I still have to take lots of breaks. I'll ask my doctor at the next appointment and find out hopefully more.

One thing that helps to be screen everything for triggering content. You can't catch everything. But as reasonably as possible, try to protect yourself. I still struggle with being bombarded with flashbacks and fighting to focus and not black out. Sometimes, grounding techniques work, and sometimes they don't. But you do your best.

Stay safe.

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