Sunday, April 4, 2010

What Does "Detoxify" Mean?

Kicking back and watching a safe TV show online. We're trying to stay off sugar as much as possible. Maybe unintentionally we overdid it for a few days. And then it was really severe lower back pain.

You stretch. You do your tai chi and meditation. And you detoxify as much as possible. Now, there's a little more relief.

But what does "detoxify" mean, exactly? Only a diet? Going on a fast?

We think it's more than that. If you accept the body/mind connection, then it includes other stuff as well.

Your emotions. The environment. Do you really need to be on your mobile phone 12 hours a day?

What usually happens when you talk about potential holistic treatments/ideas? Maybe a celeb writes a book and does the usual book tour. The MSM is used to soundbites (carefully worked out with the producer beforehand).

Then what? The establishment (fill in the blank with the apporpriate agency) has a go at them. How do you stop them? Publically trash them. Snow the audience with tons of studies from "established" scientists that obviously make the celeb look ridiculous. Then maybe they'll sell a few more books. After that, they'll shut up and go away.

What happens if they don't?

Intl. human rights law says that health care for a countries citizens is a human right. Not a corporate profit margin. But a human right. And like anything else, information is power.

If people who need help get the proper information to make the most informed decision, what happens then? You take the profit margin out of what is a human right. The rest of the world has no problem with that concept. Federal govt. employees have no problem with that.

But the rest of us aren't allowed the same right?

FYI: Some doctors will tell their patients that a certain treatment is the best thing to do. Studies back this up. You really should do this. But then, if the same doctor has the same disease, that's the LAST thing they would do. Why? Because they have access to the necessary information.

Do you see anything immoral about that at all?

And, for all of you diehard capitalists reading this who believe that the "free market" is the answer to everything; not all but much of the health care industry is not doing it's job. If you're a CEO of a corporation and the staff is messing up, do you keep the same system? Or, do you sack people where needed and make changes?

You can't play it both ways.

Our local universal care card came through. Tomorrow we'll call to find out more. Can we get by with only this? Or, do we have to have two plans to cover everything?

Obama keeps saying that single payer isn't "currently viable here in the States". Apparently, he didn't get the memo about single payer programs in San Francisco, Boston and Houston?

Information really is power.

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