Thursday, April 8, 2010

We're Almost Everywhere

Greetings to our new Chinese readers. A late Happy Chinese New Year yong Zhongwen zenme shuo? (How do you say this in Chinese?).

It's almost Friday. How are your symptoms today? Ours are still severe at times. Which means boundaries are really critical right now. It feels like (in our opinion) that triggers are everywhere. As we write this, no news at all. It's way too extreme.

Our suggestion? Don't dwell on the feeling that nobody cares (if you have that). Instead, try to focus on positives. You didn't give in and eat a Big Mac Set today? Good for you. Didn't stock up on two cases of Corona Light (for tomorrow night)? Again, nice job.

Is there value in facing trauma head on? As debilitating as it can be, yes. Because it has to come out. Use what you feel is best.

And for our Chinese readers, keep this in mind. Not all Americans are crazy. It may seem like that right now. But it's not true.

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