Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Screaming to be Heard

Think of the Net and the billions of sites and blogs on it. You can literally find anything you want. Yet, how many times do you see anything about PTSD that isn't exclusively about vets?

No disrespect to them and those that need help. But these days, that's one difficult part of speaking out. There's only so much time in the day. And if you choose to be heard thru the MSM, there are only so many ways that you can try. Why? Because that's their rule.

It has to fit into a nice and neat soundbite. If it involves rape survivors, women are ok to talk about. But under no circumstances will we talk about guy survivors. Is it because of some federal regulation? No. It's just a really stupid attitude.

If you have a rape crisis center and want any type of federal funding, by law you can ONLY say "women rape survivors" in your content. Why?

Which is why we started this blog. If the MSM (and much of the progressive) wants no part of us, ok. We'll start our own network.

The difference here? It's all free content. Much of it comes from public information that many times nobody else has presented.

We make no profit here at all. All we ask if you come here is to link us everywhere you can WITHOUT endangering yourself in the process.

You can get caught up in the anger of the dog-eat-dog online world. Or, you can channel your energy into something positive. Which is what we've chosen to do.

Have a nice day.

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