Thursday, April 29, 2010

Back to the Grind

Day 4 now of no refined sugar. It's still hard to focus at times and to not feel like you're getting bombarded with stimulus. But many sources say that the withdrawl does even out over a period of time. One key is to eat as healthy as you can to help cope with that stress.

More job leads right now. If you're also looking, no surprise. There's more pressure to cut back, work for less money. And, produce more in a shorter period of time. The impression we're getting in some places is, this is our quota. Yet, in our opinion they're not allowing for all the variables that can get in the way. So this means go elsewhere.

How do you manage to keep your balance right now? If you have a great idea we want to know about it. We can't pay you for it. But send it in anyway.

Back to work.

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