Monday, April 5, 2010

It's Amazing How Much You Can Get Done While on Hold

Trying to get thru to the universal health care office. The average hold time is around 90 minutes. Good thing we have the Skype number. At this rate, we're probably saving $500 a month on our phone bill.

It is amazing how much you can do while on hold.

Symptoms are still hitting hard. We have to scream and fight to focus when we get up in the morning. Now though we've added tumeric (a very good herb) to our holistic mix to see how it goes. It's one of the most beneficial ones in producing antioxidants for your system.

Lucid dreams still happen at the worst times. You're trying to focus on another person. And meanwhile you're fighting off lucid dreams of them trying to rape and kill you. Does this happen to you?

We still carry a weapon with us when we go out. Flashbacks and other stuff still happens when we're in a crowded place or driving. How do you cope with flashbacks when driving? Have you ever had an accident when this happens?

Stay away from the news today. Way too violent and too many dangerous people running around unchecked.

24 minutes on hold. Another 66 to go?

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