Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Frustration

It really is the weekend. But also, lots of frustration.

For guy survivors, how do you cope with the feeling that the entire support system is against you? We just got thru talking to someone at a well-known national crisis center. And one point that we made? If you're a crisis center and you want funding, NEVER EVER mention guy survivors. Also, did you know that in some laws here, to get federal funding for your center you MUST ONLY say "women rape survivor" in all of your materials?

Does this happen in other parts of the world?

What keeps you from giving into the anger and frustration from this? For us, one thing that helps is to say, right. You don't want to see us? Ok. We'll set up our own network.

We have many of the same problems that a woman survivor does. Yet, it's more what, "socially acceptable" to always mention her and not us?

Have a nice weekend.

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