Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Keep Your Focus

It must be Wednesday. We're sticking to editing everything. And when we do try to check the news, 99% of the time we get more accurate information from abroad. What does THAT tell you?

In herbs, Tumeric twice a day seems to be helping some. We still have symptoms. But we're trying everything we can to stay healthy. Another key: be aware of the effects of something on you. Instead of just doing something because it's second nature, think for a second. Why are we doing this? Do we HAVE to do this?

If it's for your job, that's one thing. But if not, can you do something else? Pay attention to your intution. Tip for the day: the more you stay off of junk food, the sharper your intuition can be. It's like any skill. You work at it and it gets better.

Back to the applications.

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