Thursday, April 22, 2010

Time for a Break(Contains Graphic Content)

Right now, peace and quiet. No news. No depressing stuff that it seems like many don't care about. All trauma survivors have their limits (as far as stimulus goes). And at the moment, we've turned it all off.

How long will our break last? We don't know. And that's ok. Sports scores seem to be the only thing that's not a trigger. We check the e and voice mail twice a day. And that's it. We rarely give out our contact information (unless it's a job lead).

How do you cope with this overload? Unless you're on call 24/7, what helps you to set boundaries? At the moment, we feel like we're about 7 steps ahead of everybody else. Why are you just now figuring that out? We knew this months ago.

More as it happens. And, if you need us to save the world, we're not available.

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