Monday, April 12, 2010

Fighting to Be Heard

Welcome to Monday. Unless it's already Tuesday where you are.

Do you feel like you're being heard these days? Here, almost all of the mental health system is geared towards battered women. They need help. But in this huge city, there's only ONE support group for male survivors. At $120 per session.

Meanwhile, the MSM continues to know that guy survivors exist. But they'll never be publically spoken about.

So what's the answer? Create your own network.

Consider many big name media people and activists who the MSM refuses to deal with. What have they done? Everybody's going to their own websites and donations or "fellowships" with think tanks (which really is a salary).

In our case, a fellowship isn't an option. But, we said we'll build our own network.

Now, we're proud to say we're read in 12 countries. It's 24/7 free global trauma content. We're pretty sure nobody else has our global mix (that's free, by the way).

One reason? In a crisis the last thing you need is to call a crisis line or go to a site and wonder: do they have PTSD training? Does a guy survivor freak them out? It's hard enough as it is on a daily basis.

Our links are all to sites/crisis lines that have flexible PTSD-trained people. To help ease the pressure on you (hopefully).

Having lived abroad, we know that in many other places mental health problems are a huge stigma. A lot of psychiatrists out there might disagree with us. But PTSD isn't a mental illness. It's a multi-faceted health problem that affects your body mind/connection.

Why doesn't the "traditional" health sector take a holistic look at this? Answer: profit. And unfortunately, not all but many holistic people are still charging high fees for their services.

Here, we don't make a profit. We could give in and have Google ads. But what's the point of profiting off misery? The corporations do it. But not here.

Time for dinner. And if you're anywhere east of India, enjoy your breakfast.

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