Saturday, April 24, 2010

Be Aware of the Effects on You (contains graphic content)

How's your weekend? Here, 90F and the pool is waiting.

But first, something really scary happened last night. We made the mistake of eating something that was in the past way to acidic. We thought, maybe now this will be different? If you're immune system is stronger, then it's not a problem.

Wrong. It just aggrevated symptoms and we had to fight really hard. We didn't know where we were. What's real and what isn't? Dissociating was really horrible. Today, lots of water later there's more balance.

So what's the key here? This is just something that we think works for us. It's based on our personal experience and study of what's public knowledge. If this helps you, great. If it doesn't, tell us something that's better.

Stimulants (refined sugar, salt, and caffeine) all stimulate your nervous system. Everyone has different levels of sensitivity. Too much will make all of your symptoms worse.

Another reason is highly acidic processed food. Example: salsa. Most name brands have a high amount of salt and cilano acid. Ideally, you want a 80% akalaine/20% acidic mix in your diet.

If you eat too much acid (and additives), it can aggrevate PTSD symptoms, depression.
And some studies say it can affect other conditions (ranging from ADD and ADHD to fibromyalgia).

How do you change this? Various "experts" say drink lots of water. How much? The amounts range from six glasses to a gallon a day. Water does help to maintain the chi flow in your body (caffeine depletes it). But too much water could also wash out vitamins and other nutrients out of your body.

For us, 9 liters a day seems to be about right. Also, when you sit down to relax, turn everything off. Don't read, listen and watch something as you eat (the Jay Leno Syndrome). You may think you're hot at multi-tasking. But it's actually not good for you.

Things feel really raw right now. So we're sticking with no news at the moment.

Hope this helps. If you have comments or a better idea, post here.

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