Saturday, June 6, 2015

Trying for Balance

Time for some lemonade and to catch up online. I still haven't been able to get tested for allergies. But I'll trust that I'm right and stay away from lots of triggering foods. One way to look at a rash or other reactions to foods? It's also emotions that are coming out at the same time.

No matter what, don't dissociate. Do something else. At times that means turn everything off and just focus on tangible sensations. You're bombarded with flashbacks, pain and losing sensation in different parts of your body. You can't just sit back and do nothing. Which means you're totally exhausted.

Do you struggle with feeling abandoned? It's hard at times for me to take people seriously. What do you REALLY want? Is everyone lying to me? Can I trust ANYBODY?

One minute you feel like your energy level is decent. Then, you have nothing. But you try to reassure yourself (and your multiples and little kid) that's it not your fault. You did nothing wrong.

But the pain is still there.

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