Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Severity of Your Symptoms

Kind of a semi chill day. Some things to do online, but also a non stop battle to not dissociate and lose sensation in parts of my body to adrenalin surges. And as if that's not enough, I still struggle with psychosis symptoms. I've never been diagnosed as psychotic or schizophrenic. But they're still there.

It's like you're fighting for your life. Holding on to the edge of a cliff so you don't fall off and vanish forever. In all fhat time, NOBODY listened to me or helped me. It took roughly thirty years before the first therapist who actually listened to me and helped for a short time.

Now I go to a new one and a psychiatrist (in addition to the heart appointments). I know it's not my fault. But it's a real struggle to deal with the severity of your symptoms.

One thing to try and cope is to set boundaries where necessary. I do a small amount online. But that's okay, because not all but a lot of current social media is recycled crap. I have better things to do with my time. Also, nobody else will look out for us.

It's a constant struggle. We're not abnormal in any way. The severity of your symptoms is equal to the severity of your trauma history.

Protect yourself.

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