Sunday, July 14, 2013

Word of Mouth Advertising

Time to talk about word of mouth advertising. In the current austerity economy, there's a shrinking amount of potential funds to help lots of needy non profits. This also means that there's more pressure to try and advertise their causes.

While others do great work on various issues, allow me to plug what's done here and why I need your help as well. This blog isn't part of an official non-profit (in the States, a 501(c) for tax purposes). I've tried approaching many media outlets that might be open to run public service ads for this. Nobody will do it.

Why? Because this isn't an "official" non-profit. But I've been doing it for almost six years now. With no ads. It's now reaching (and I'm assuming helping as well?) people in almost all 50 states and lots of countries abroad. Doesn't matter. It has to be "official".

What are they afraid of? That I'm pushing an "agenda"? That being connected to this blog in any way might potentially offend their advertisers/donors (in "public" broadcasting, it's really the same thing)? So just stay away from it?

I'm just trying to give trauma survivors a place to be heard. Why is that so "subversive"?

Which means if you're a real person reading this (which I'm assuming that you are), you like something here. If that's also true, then please help out by giving this URL to someone else who might benefit from it.

Here, there's no budget. No ads. No online store. No gigantic corporate donors that have the power to instantly kill something that they don't like. None of that. It's just a place for trauma survivors to be heard.

Thanks for the help.

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