Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Pre-Election Suggestion Post(Contains necessary progressive content to help make important points)

As you know, this blog is a mix of various holistic content to help you deal with the daily struggle of being a trauma survivor. Or possibly, trying to understand what someone else who is is going thru. That being said, we also when necessary have the Long Range Triggering Content Index. Think of it as a variation on the pollution index that you see on your nightly weather report.

In the next week, there's going to be lots of triggering content everywhere you look. Our suggestion is screen everything. Do you really have to deal with this? If you do, that's one thing. However, if you have any choice at all, don't.

Why? Because not all but much of it is just endless microanalyzing of what you already know by well-paid pundits. Since you already know it (if you do a reasonably good job of keeping up with the world), why sit thru it? If it's not your job, then shut it off. Do something else.

In our case, it feels like triggering stuff is everywhere. We can't touch a lot of formerly favorite foods because the slightest amount sets off horrible flashbacks and body memory. Then it takes forever to fight your way back to some sembelance of balance.

What does this mean? For a long time we used junk food as one way to avoid the pain of dealing with trauma. Now, as you're healing this will only poison your system. It's all connected, so it only makes sense that one triggering thing could affect everything.

Do you really need to go to medical school to know this?

Regarding Tuesday's Stateside elections, after you read this you can do whatever you want. All we're saying is keep one thing in mind. Basic Karma Law for Today: everyone is responsible for what they do or say. From Obama on down, there are consequences to everything. All of the national, well-paid pundits (insert famous name here) can talk all they want about what you should do and how come there's no national movment to fix the system and more.

Now, how come there is no national progressive movement to save the system? First, not all but many on the progressive side won't set aside their egos for a common good. Everybody wants to have their own syndicated talk show, column, book and lecture tours, groupies and who knows what else. They want the fame and power that goes with that. Then, when someone is designated "The Leader", instantly they're attacked by others in the group. If you don't agree, go back and read about Cindy Sheehan.

I've been talking about this online thru various outlets for years now. No surprise, no progressive Powers that Be want to pay attention. Which is one of many reasons why I started this blog.

What does this have to do with dealing with trauma? Three out of ten people in the States have some form of PTSD. As the number on benefits rises, so does the overall stress level. Are Romney and Obama talking about this in any way other than austerity soundbites to get elected? No, they're not. If Obama is re-elected, will he make national health (both physical and mental) a national emergency that needs to be dealt with now? No, he won't. Why not? Because he's convinced that he can't afford to be seen as arrogant, "uppity" or any other adjective you want to throw out. The Two Party Mantra continues to be, blame the Other Side if nothing gets done. He can never afford to be seen as weak in any way.

Fact for the day. "Obamacare" was written by a right wing think tank.

As part of protecting yourself, do your homework. You can't just sit back and blindly trust everything and everyone that comes along. We still don't feel safe in many ways. Even when we're around some people that we know.

Time for more tea.

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